How to Customize Your Own Waist Trainer Online?

Thursday, September 21, 2023

Sometimes, we are looking for something that feels like it is just for us. That belongs to us and nobody else’s. While this can happen with clothing pieces… sometimes people can ask designers to design a specific dress or clothing piece just for them, because they want exclusivity. 

This can happen too when someone wants to get wholesale waist trainers with logo and wants to customize their own favorite piece of waist trainers. Why? Because people simply want to have their own exclusive piece. All of these have to do with our minds and how we feel when we are looking to have some kind of status or when we have something that is exclusive. 

Where Can You Get Custom Your Own Waist Trainers? 

One of our favorite places, where we know they offer this service is Waistdear. They are a wholesale shapewear and waist trainer brand that manufactures these types of products that are not only stylish but also high-quality and eco-friendly.  

They also have over 11 years of market experience and a highly experienced staff that will offer you the best services, like drop shipping, customization with your own logo, etc. They will be great partners for those who are looking to start a shapewear or waist trainer business, but also for those who are looking to get pieces for their personal use at the best wholesale prices. 

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How to Customize Your Own Waist Trainer? 

It’s honestly not something very hard to do, if you have already chosen your own hot sale custom waist trainer. For example, Waistdear, they offer this service, as was mentioned already, and they won’t only do it on your own product, but also in advertising papers, as embroidery, silk print, reflective, in the packaging as well as the hand tangs and wash watermarks. Besides they offer the option of multi-color customization. 

The process is quite simple, you as a customer will have the product or products you want to customize, and have the design of your logo in hand, as you will then have to contact one of their sales representatives and tell them you want to customize your piece. At this time, you will provide your logo design to them. 

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Then, the sales representative will work with you to confirm the design of the logo, create a mock-up, and also check the logo measurements with you. After everything is confirmed, then they will proceed to print your logo on the products or products you have chosen. 

Some Things to Have in Mind When Customizing Your Waist Trainers

The cost to print your logo at Waistdear will vary, depending on the products and the colors of the logo. To print your logo, they will take around 3 to 5 working days. Now, it’s important to remember this, at Waistdear they don’t have a minimum order. 

How to customize your own waist trainer?

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For those who are wondering, where your logo can be located on the product, simply contact the sales representative, and they will show you pictures and videos of how the logo is printed and places where it can be located. And as it was mentioned before, they will show you a mock-up for you to approve, before they start printing anything. 

If you are one of those, who just decided you want to start a shapewear and waist trainer business, but have no idea how to design a logo or don’t want to pay exorbitant amounts for it, Waistdear also offers you the possibility of designing your logo for free with the help of their logo designer. 

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