5 Things You Need To Know Before Doing Plastic Surgery

Thursday, November 3, 2016

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Plastic surgery was first performed by an Italian physicist, Gaspere Tagliacozzi, in 1837. At that time he managed to reconstruct the nose of a patient who suffered damage, using the techniques of ancient India. Indeed, Plastic Surgery was originally intended for medical purposes and not for aesthetics (beauty) as it is today.
Plastic surgery, does not mean the use of plastic materials in the process. The term "plastic" is taken from the Ancient Greek language, Plastikos, which means "form". As Gaspere Tagliacozzi did that time, he used the surrounding skin tissue of the patient's hand.

Nowadays, the trend of plastic surgery increasingly mushrooming. When the first, Plastic Surgery is only done by adults aged 50 years and over, this time even teenagers have felt the need to improve their body. This was driven by the desire to appear such as K-Pop idol who have beautiful faces, small nose, large eyes, and also well-shaped chin.
In Korea, 25 percent of mothers sending their children to perform plastic surgery at the age of 14 to 20 years. Other fact, 76 percent of women aged 20 to 30 years has had plastic surgery. Plastic surgery even served as a birthday gift.
One of the reasons why plastic surgery in Korea became very famous is the incident of Miss Korea 2012, Kim Yu Mi, who proved to have undergone plastic surgery. Although many critics say that it is a fraudulent act, but Kim Yu Mi herself also admitted that she never said that she was born as a pretty one. She retains her title as Miss Korea 2012.

As an Economic Law, the large number of consumers which is followed by the increase of producers (plastic surgery services provider), will led to price competition. In Korea, the costs required to perform any Plastic Surgery is competitive. If in US, it would require at least 10,000 US dollars, then in Korea we only need to provide 2,000-3,000 US dollars. So, Korean Plastic Surgery is the best choice.

Although plastic surgery can increase confidence because it can make the face look younger, beautiful, and looks perfect, but there are 5 things to keep in mind before deciding to perform Plastic Surgery:
1. Do general check-up. If you have health problems such as depression, heart disease, diabetes, high blood pressure, or bleeding disorders, you should avoid this action.
2. Always choose the best doctor.
- Never perform plastic surgery in the addition plastic surgeon, for example, perform at a beauty salon and the person who is not a plastic surgeon.
- Ask in detail any risks that may arise. See photos of the surgery he had ever done. If he refuses, it is a sign of danger for you.
- Check also the ability of the anesthetist who will handle the surgery, because the anesthesia process as dangerous as surgery process.
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3. Plastic surgery will not be able to stop the process of aging and gravity.
4. All plastic surgery always leaves a scar.
5. For you who wants to look slimmer by liposuction, liposuction will not remove cellulite.
Liposuction does make the body appear slimmer, especially on the stubborn to diet and exercise. But actually, this surgery is not only futile to remove cellulite, but it can actually worsen the appearance of cellulite. This occurs if the amount of fat being sucked up too much so that even more wrinkled skin. Association of plastic surgeons in the United States limits the maximum amount of fat that can be sucked ie 6 pounds in each surgery time, not more than that. More than this amount can be fatal, can even cause death, as if too much fat, blood and fluids removed from the body, will lead to failing heart work.

So, before you choose plastic surgery for beauty, better think one more time and consult to get maximum results and secure.


  1. Wondering why the cost of plastic surgery in Korea is so cheap???

    1. Do you know the cost of plastic surgery in Korea? I think its bcz there are so many request plastic surgery.
      Heh, If you wanna request plastic surgery, dont forget to take a shoot with korean actor. :p

    2. Mba Nining, Just like what i've been written in this article, in Korea there is a competition between plastic surgery provider services..

      Mba widut, that's right! Hehe..

  2. My sister's friend said : u can find a lot of plastic surgery clinic in 'every ur step'! LOL
    U can find it like u can find a sugar.. hehehe and the result also good too! That's why, many peoples like go to Korea just for plastic surgery.
    Well, I rather to be beauty as a natural one than go surgery :D

    Nice article, Ma!

    1. Wow.. No wonder if the cost become very competitive..hehe..

      Thank you Mak Ran.. I'm just a beginner.. Actually this is my first English post.. I fear of making mistakes..hihihi..

  3. You're right Mba, plastic surgery can't stop aging process. For me, natural beauty is the best.Especially, when I wake up in the morning with my bare face, hahaha.

    1. Me too.. I'm already beautiful..haha..

      Mba Ety, your comment remind me about #UsiaCantik hahaha..

  4. Klo bangsanya sedot lemak itu masuk ke oplas ga mb rin? Tante mbul suka bloman paham

    1. kayaknya masuk tante. kan inti dari operasi plastik ini adalah "form", yaitu membentuk atau mengubah. dan biasanya penyedia jasa oplas itu memasukkan liposuction sebagai salah satu "menu" yang mereka tawarkan. :)

  5. "2. Always choose the best doctor."
    I agree with this point

    Thank you for the article

  6. Natural wae lah, gak dosa meneh #eh :))

    1. haha.. tul tul tul... kirain mba inuel pengen kayak inul daratista. :v

  7. wow very surprised find your article all in english Mrs Arinta. You're so great skill written in English. Make me so proudly :)

    1. i was helped by Mr. Google too, Mba Tanty, hihihi...


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