New to Yoga? Here are 5 Essential Yoga Equipment You Need for Practicing Yoga

Sunday, February 19, 2023


The COVID-19 pandemic that suddenly hit the world three years ago has indeed brought many changes to our lives. Looking on the bright side, now more and more people are aware of the importance of eating healthy food and doing regular exercise, in order to maintain endurance.

What sports are more in demand in Indonesia during the pandemic?

In Indonesia, based on a survey conducted by Decathlon with YouGov in Januari 2021 of 1.000 people in Jakarta, Tangerang, and Bekasi, there are 3 types of sports that are most in demand during the pandemic. Those are:

  1. Running / jogging, at 64%
  2. Exercise at home, at 51%
  3. Cycling, at 43%

I myself prefer indoor sports. Yoga, is the sport I choose, as a friend invited me to join in practising Yoga online with a licensed yoga instructor. Indeed, exercising with a friend or loved one is a great way to keep us motivated. A companion also can make exercise more enjoyable.

Honestly, at first, I did this exercise just for fun. However, the more I do it, I like it more and more. I even have several collections of yoga sets to support this activity.

yoga sets

yoga clothes

Why Do I Choose Yoga?

The reason why I chose Yoga as my daily exercise is because Yoga is a mind and body practice. Yoga has slow movements, but can reach all parts of the body, and improve my flexibility. As a person who spends most of the time in front of a computer, I often feel that my body is stiff. And yoga movements, help me relieve and release muscle tension.

In addition, yoga is also believed to improve fitness, strengthen muscles, maintain focus, improve body balance and make the body more relaxed. Yoga is also useful for reducing blood pressure, reducing stress hormones, and maintaining a good mood.

Wow, there are so many benefits of Yoga!

Well, for those of you who want to start doing Yoga, here are 5 essential yoga equipments that need to be prepared before starting Yoga;

1. Comfortable Clothes

Comfortable clothes are the most important thing in Yoga, because comfortable clothes will help us to move freely. Choose Yoga sets that allows you to move around and wicks sweat. T-shirt and high waist leggings are a great choice for Yoga.

high waist leggings for yoga

high waist leggings for yoga

2. Mat

The mat is used as a base, so that the body does not directly touch the hard floor. To choose a good mattress, pay attention to the thickness and base material of the mattress. A comfortable mattress generally has a minimum thickness of 5 mm and the basic material absorbs sweat easily, is not slippery, and is strong.

3. Towel

Yoga will make you sweat, so, don't forget to prepare a towel to wipe your sweat. Towel also can be used as a strap. You can also place the towel under your knees as a cushion. If you do so, it means you need more than one towel. 

4. Yoga Blocks

If you have never done Yoga before, you may find poses or movements that are difficult to do. You can prepare Yoga blocks to help perfect poses that you are not good at.

5. Yoga Straps

A yoga strap is a support strap for perfecting your poses because the strap can help hold the position of your hands and feet, so they don't change. A yoga strap will help you access poses you may not yet be able to achieve without hurting yourself.


Okay, those are 5 essential yoga equipments you need to prepare when you are about to start Yoga. The five things above are very important to support your practice. However, what is more important than all of that to get the benefit from this sport, is consistency. So, keep it up and have a great workout! :)

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